I am a Dr. of Chinese medicine, health coach, and educator excited to now offer evidence – based strategies and techniques that have been validated to be effective over time.

As many research- based studies have shown: see: The Science of HeartMath and Focus on heart health to reduce stress.

My heart math individual trainings and workshops focus on transforming the vitality of the organization through innovative resilience building tools and technologies.

Learning the self-regulation and emotional management techniques is a new skill, like diet or exercise, and needs to become a daily practice. One of the best ways to ensure daily practice is to also have a device to practice with, make it a fun game!

I offer several tools such as a HeartMath Blue tooth or lightning sensor that reads the level of stress or coherence you are at! Practicing with a device develops increased internal awareness. Because of the focus on physiology, participants start to notice when they get angry, anxious or upset.

They also notice when they start to experience tension or tightness in the body. Seeing the level change on a device and hearing tones associated, give the body and brain biofeedback to learn to retrain quickly out of stress and build Resilience!