Qigong for Stress and Pain Relief May 29th 6:45pm – 8:45pm at the Lakeway Activity Center

Call the Activity Center at 512-261-1010 to register or 512-266-2059 for details.

This QiGong workshop will focus on stress and pain relief. Learn simple breath and movement exercises to stop pain and reset the sympathetic: fight or flight response to parasympathetic: relaxation response. We will be doing qigong sitting and standing. There is also a simple walking exercise called Xi Xi Hu for chronic conditions, even cancer!

Reduces stress

Better focus

Can be used to stop pain

Develop your personal Tai Chi, Yoga, Qi Gong Practice!

Gayl is available to teach individuals and couples a personal movement practice.

For additional information contact Gayl Hubatch by email at or 512-266-2059.