front_deskOverview of Oriental Medicine

Oriental or Chinese Medicine is based on how energy flows in the body. This is systems thinking; looking at the body systems in relationship to one another. Chinese medicine is a science of relationships. That is why acupuncture, herbs, qi gong, acupressure can help to heal many diseases that have more than one cause or show symptoms in many areas of the body.

Western medicine is ideal to target infection and deal with trauma and the need for surgery. Chinese medicine treats illnesses from an energetic viewpoint. Looking at how qi flows through the body and the relationship between body systems is the foundation of Chinese medical philosophy. This way of thinking offers a holistic approach to healing, meaning all aspects of the human being are considered in the treatment of any disease. This brings together the relationships between body systems such as digestion and respiration in the treatment of asthma for example. Also taking into account any emotional factor and bringing the mind back to the spirit will create true healing.

Chinese medicine includes acupuncture, herbal prescriptions, tui na or massage/acupressure and qi gong. This way of holistic healing stands on its own as an ancient medicine that is still very effective in the modern world. Chinese medicine is also an excellent resource to help with side effects of pharmaceuticals and jump start the body into healing faster from surgeries and chronic illness while helping with stress relief.

Oriental medicine consists of: