accupressureAcupressure and Bodywork

Acupressure is a system that has been practiced in the world for centuries. It is easy to learn and creates profound physical and mental change through easy relaxation techniques. Using finger pressure on specific energy points awakens the flow of qi while muscles and nerves relax. A deeper experience of the energy state in the body can be felt. It is a relaxing modality and comfortable for the client. Acupressure can be done with the client relaxing on a massage table fully clothed.  The results bring a feeling of ease with a renewed enthusiasm for life.

We practice various forms of Bodywork and Energy healing at Blue Heron Center. Energy work refers to various types of Bodywork that are based on affecting the energetic systems of the body, such as the meridians. For example; Acupressure and Shiatsu have roots in Japan, Tui Na comes from China and is one of the “legs of Chinese medicine”. Both styles of bodywork involve holding energy points to release pain and assist the client to relax while balancing the energy of the mind and body. Medical Qigong is a type of energy work that also moves the meridian systems to help regulate organ functions and relieve pain. I often use acupressure and energy work with children who are stressed or experiencing symptoms such as allergies, asthma or anxiety. They love it and often tell their Mom when they need another session!

Cranial Sacral therapy is another type of energy work that was developed by Dr. John Upledger, D.O. It is an effective therapy  using subtle hand holds to help align the structure of the body and regulate the rhythm of the cerebral-spinal flow. This therapy is deeply relaxing and used for the treatment of headaches, endocrine disorders, back pain and more. Cranial-Sacral therapy combines well with acupressure therapy. We find this technique extremely helpful in relieving symptoms as well as providing another valuable assessment tool for new patients.