testimonialsBelow are just a few client testimonials about their personal results and successes’ with Dr. Gayl Hubatch’s treatments.

“After more than 4 weeks of excruciating pain in my right leg/knee area, a friend recommended I make an appointment with Dr. Gayl.  He had gone to see her for the same problem that I was having with my Sciatic nerve and she was able to help him.

Dr. Gayl Hubatch has been my acupuncturist for 22 years, and I highly recommend her. I am an epileptic, and she has helped me with seizures and side effects of my medications. She has been the doctor who singlehandedly changed my life. Dr. Hubatch is an intelligent, compassionate, kind, and caring doctor, willing to share her insights and knowledge.

After a knee replacement, she helped me with severe pain on my road to recovery. She also diagnosed my gall bladder not working, recommending medical tests which confirmed only a 2% functionality. Those examples only illustrate how her skills have helped me achieve a better quality of life. When necessary, she works in conjunction with my MD doctors to provide me a level of care and insight so many of them do not take the time to understand or provide. Dr. Hubatch has changed my life, and I have never recommended a doctor so highly.

…It would take me almost 30 min to walk a mile and 45 for a mile and a half.  But after the 1st appointment with Dr. Gayl, I was able to walk more than 3 miles.  The longer I walked the better I started to feel.  Also that day I walked a mile in 22 minutes not 30! Improvements!  Went back a week later for my second appointment with Dr. Gayl.  She worked her “magic” and the next day I was able to run 2.5 miles! I had not been able to run in more than 5 weeks!!!  I could not believe what was happening! It was a miracle!  She is wonderful!  Definitely GREAT at what she does! I am so much happier now! I can’t stop talking about how much she has helped me!  My recovery has been so much faster thanks to her!  Thank God for Dr. Gayl!”

Patient Recovering from Neck Surgery and a scar in the center of the throat:
“My last treatment helped tremendously. Within 2 days the difference was very noticeable. The redness and soreness reduced and the thickening and swelling less. I also feel like my inner stiches are dissolving. Acupuncture has made a huge difference in my mind and body. I feel better all over. I have less anxiety and are more balanced in my life.

“After eight months of being treated for breast cancer, I came to Gayl Hubatch and Blue Heron Center. Chemo, radiation and the other accompanying medications left me with tremendous pain, restless legs and hot flashes. I could not go to sleep without a specialty chillow (pillow) because of my personal heat and night sweats. My days were filled with hot flashes and fatigue.

My goal was to find a way to ease the pain, bring back my energy, revitalize my metabolism and just feel good again, so I tried acupuncture. In conjunction with the acupuncture, Gayl guided me through the stimulation and cleansing of organs, and she also recommended specific herb supplements and diet guidelines. With this knowledge, I chose to change my habits, which has benefited my post-treatment condition immensely. Although this transition has been life-changing, it was not difficult to accomplish, as the food recommendations were healthy and the modification was brought about in a sensible way.

The acupuncture continued to ease my pain and my hot flashes. Once again, I was able to exercise. Gayl gave me instructions in Qi Gong, which I found to be very energizing.

I will tell anyone that I am a changed person from when I entered Blue Heron Center. I feel that I have reached my goals and more. It is a wonderful feeling to come away from the oppression of distressed health. It is like stepping out of the murky rain into a brilliant day with a smile.”

“I moved to Santa Fe in the early 1990’s, and quickly took up skiing.  I was naive about bundling up sufficiently while flying down the cold & windy slopes, and consequently contracted what local skiers referred to as a “face freeze”: the facial muscles on the left side of my face were literally frozen, so I could only “half smile” and was only able to chew with the right side of my mouth.  Very strange, but apparently it is known in medicine as Bell’s Palsy (I was grateful it wasn’t a stroke).  A western doctor in Santa Fe told me I might suffer from its effects for a year or more, even with medical treatment, and suggested I try the alternative approach of acupuncture & Chinese herbs.  Luckily I knew of Gayl Hubatch, OMD, who lived there at the time, and began treatments with her.  Amazingly, Dr. Gayl’s regimen of acupuncture & Chinese medicine had my facial muscles restored to a full 100% in seven (7) sessions spaced over 17 days. Less than three weeks! Dr. Gayl is a truly gifted healer.  I therefore strongly recommend her to anyone in need of the highest possible skill level for oriental medicine.  Her warmth & genuineness are an added bonus.
~Wade Vernon
Houston, TX

“Gayl has been a great influence on my well being… both physical and mental. The procedures she does, both Acupuncture and Acupressure have had a dramatic impact on the number of chronic headaches I have experienced for years. After being under Gayl’s care for over 7 years, she has addressed several other medical problems that I have experienced. One specific treatment she did for me dealt with a kidney stone… the results were dramatica and the end result was the elimination of the stone. Her caring approach to my wellness has been greatly appreciated and a life changing experience.”
~ RM

“About 7 years ago, I started going to Gayl for acupuncture treatment for asthma. At the time, I was on a daily steroid-based medication as well as my emergency inhaler. I was having a lot of problems with my breathing. I was very concerned with steroid-based medication because it was a new product and lacked research on the long term potential complications. Today I am no longer on that medication, I only have my emergency inhaler. Depending on the time of year, I use it infrequently. My asthma and allergies are much more under control. I hardly suffered from cedar fever at all this year. Gayl has also treated a carpal tunnel situation with success. I have also found that acupuncture has helped my deal with my high stress job by helping to lowering my stress level.”

“In December ’94, my friend said, ‘Give yourself a Christmas present and go see Gayl.’ I have been a regular client ever since.”
~ MM

“I can’t imagine living in Texas with all of the allergens with out going to acupuncture treatments”
~ SD

“I heard about Gayl on a radio talk show. My hands were in such pain I could only drive my car using my forefinger and thumb. It would kill me to shake hands with people. Months went by before I finally decided to call. Despite my fear of needles I had to give acupuncture a try. I am now able to snap my fingers easily, the pain is gone and the flexibility is back. Quite a lot of progress. ”
~ BM

“Gayl’s acupuncture treatments have been profoundly effective to me with wonderful results. My allergies are great and before Gayl I took two drugs a day for allergies. My chronic shoulder pain was gone after two treatments and the treatments for my back pain has my back feeling better than it ever has. ”
~ GO

“Gayl has treated me successfully for several things: allergy-related sinus headaches and congestion that would not respond to medication, digestive problems and depression. Not only does acupuncture restore a healthy flow to the physical energy system, it also helps to open and clear the spiritual and emotional systems. I would recommend acupuncture for the treatment of any ailment. In addition to clearing symptoms, it promotes wellness.”
~ SP

“Gayl Hubatch Supports her students in a extemporary way through her intelligent and calm demeanor. Gayl is so very knowledgeable that anyone will cultivate improved health.”
~ Elena Anatole, Taoist Master

“Gayl Hubatch is incredibly knowledgeable. Pay attention to what she says, absorb the information she shares, you will come away wise and hungry for more. The depth of her expertise is invaluable.”
~ Robbie D

“Gayl Hubatch offered a calm beautiful training experience in which one can learn about their true potential! Her gentle and intelligent nature, are unique qualities, that would assist in anyone’s personal growth, development and health.”
~ Karen Mitchell, B.A.(Hon. Psychology), M.ED (Counseling) Nova Scotia, Canada

“Gayl’s knowledge is boundless and her spirit is gentle. The combination is so special and she is so generous. I learn so much from her.”
~ Ronnie Wilson, student / IIQTC Qigong Teacher

“Gayl Hubatch was knowledgeable in the secret channels of Qi as well as the practices of Qigong and how to conduct a class. She was a very valuable presenter.”
~ Angie Muritt

I was told by my doctor to keep icing my knee and to continue to take it easy- except for some short walks.   The doctor said if things do not improve in a few weeks to come back and they will send me to see a specialist!  I was so frustrated with that answer because it had been more than a month since I had been able to run or walk without limping/pain. I was also tired of being in pain and feeling helpless!

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