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Tai Chi Easy Class Every Monday

Tai Chi / Qigong; what’s the difference?
There are many benefits of Tai Chi and QiGong. Both involve regulated breath – usually a little longer and slower than usual.
This automatically puts the body in relaxation mode.

QiGong also includes connecting to the natural world such as noticing your feet on the earth, opening ‘bubbling well’ an acupuncture point on the bottom of the foot, visualizing light or water streaming in…This tends to create expansive states of mind and body.

Tai Chi involves slow breathing with motions like slow walking as you gently move arms in order to increase balance, flexibility, strength.

Here are some other benefits of Tai Chi ( and QiGong):

  • Live longer – by increasing relaxation response,
  • Improve muscle strength, balance and flexibility
  • Boost cognitive function
  • Improve COPD symptoms
  • Get better sleep quality.
  • Improve symptoms of pain including fibromyalgia
  • See improvements in cardiovascular fitness.
  • Reduce risk of falls.

Class Details: Mondays  Feb 24th thru March 16th 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Location: Lakeway Activity Center – 105 Cross Creek, Lakeway, TX
To Register or inquire about future classes:
Call Lakeway Activity Center to Register 512-261-1010

or email: gayl@blueheroncenter.com

15$ per class